Manufacturing and the movement of product is the backbone of this country. Our understanding of the process and our wide breadth of business advisory services are what separate us from our peers.


Our manufacturing experience is enhanced by our deep industry knowledge. It is that expertise, coupled with the anticipation of a resurgence in manufacturing that led us to develop the Center for the Return of Manufacturing (CFRM).

With the expectancy of changing regulation and the potential for increased opportunity, the CFRM’s mission is to anticipate, guide and directly assist U.S. based middle market manufacturing companies in remaining competitive and simultaneously unlocking export opportunities abroad. 

By carefully examining your business from every angle, we will develop, recommend and implement business solutions that deliver the results you need. It’s just one of the many ways we will help accelerate your success.


Our experience working with distributors is an integral part of our manufacturing and distribution practice. Because distributors hold inventory for varying lengths of time and finance costs impact profits, it is important to understand the different nuances of the wholesale business.

We work with distributors across many industry channels and some of our team members came out of the wholesale distribution trade. We employ that business knowledge to bring you proactive solutions to your business endeavors.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Project financing and site selection
  • Project development
  • Turnkey global development
  • Corporate governance and risk management services
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Technology solutions
  • Reviewing accounting and business processes
  • Inventory valuation methods
  • Audit, accounting and tax services

If you want an advisor that understands your industry, and proactively offers up practical and profitable solutions, connect with us.

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An established manufacturer makes early in-roads into Brazil

An established manufacturer makes early in-roads into Brazil

An established manufacturer finds the perfect partner and a turnkey solution to make early in-roads into Brazil.

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The evolution wholesale distributors must embrace

The evolution wholesale distributors must embrace

Margins are thinner than ever while costs continue to rise. Worse, buyer behaviors and expectations have permanently changed, making it harder for wholesale distributors to raise prices to pass along added costs.

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Our Take

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“Our experience in manufacturing and distribution is enhanced by our many industry specializations. At the end of the day, it’s about manufacturing and moving product in the most efficient way and understanding the clients you serve.”

— Brad DeNoyer Partner, CPA