At Baker Tilly, we’ve crafted a team of professionals who specialize in helping craft breweries grow to the next level. This includes relocation, expansions, negotiation of distribution rights, and ERP software for craft brewers. The current growth of craft beer is shaking up the global beer industry and we have the resources and the craft beer experience to add value to your brewery’s operation and growth.

Our craft brewery team, part of our beverage team, offers services to both craft brewers, distributors, and craft brewer guilds. We offer resources to guilds to better arm them with up to date changes in the industry and solutions to assist their members with managing their breweries each day. You can also find valuable insights in industry publications like Beverage Master Magazine

Craft brewers, no matter what stage of the growth lifecycle you are currently in, we understand the need for capital to support growth, tax planning, and the valuation of distribution rights. Baker Tilly offers a range of services to ensure your success:

  • Technology
  • Sales channel services
  • Financial modeling and financing
  • Distribution rights
  • Consulting services
  • Compliance

On demand industry insights

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Known as “garage” or “basement” phase:

  • Business Planning/Banks
    • Financial Forecasts
  • Sweat Equity & Structure
  • Payroll, Sales & Withholding Taxes    
  • Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Where to Brew
  • OBeer OnDemand

Standalone brewery serving local traffic and retail buyers:

  • Working capital
  • Distributors
  • Own/Lease
    • Brewery/Warehouse
    • Transportation
  • Key management compensation
    • R & D Credits
    • Energy efficiency
  • OBeer OnDemand

Growing beyond your home marketplace:

  • Contract Brewing
  • Multi-state Nexus issues
  • State contract laws
  • Need for additional working capital
  • Use of distribution rights
  • Payment terms during market acceptance
  • OBeer Enterprise

Customer growth outside of region:

  • Site selection
  • Onsite energy, water, infrastructure
  • Project finance plant and corporate growth    
  • Credits/Incentives
  • ESOPs
  • Strategic tax planning
  • OBeer Enterprise

If you are ready to grow, or just need help managing your day to day operations, we are ready to help you. Call us at 608 240 ALES (2537) or contact our craft brewery industry team for more information.

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