We understand the ongoing need to meet compliance and regulatory standards. Our specialized team of utility technology and regulatory professionals work exclusively with utilities to address and overcome challenges.

NERC CIP compliance is more than the frenzied activities that surround the audit; it is an ongoing process that needs attention and analysis throughout its lifecycle. From new regulations to new devices or facilities, there are many phases of preparation that provide the groundwork for meeting requirements in a sustainable, scalable program. Our team works closely with you not only to proactively prepare, but also to complete the compliance lifecycle through the mitigation of any findings, as well as to provide ongoing program management between audits.

We understand the many challenges that come with complying with NERC Reliability Standards, including:

  • Interpreting and understanding the NERC Reliability Standards, including CIP, to meet current and new requirements
  • Defining a strategy to address risks related to critical infrastructure
  • Preparing for the audit process
  • Implementing a framework to proactively identify potential deficiencies and navigate the self-reporting steps
  • Properly assessing both physical and cyber security controls
  • Managing the amount of data needed to comply with the Standards themselves, as well as the data needed to demonstrate that compliance to an auditor
  • Understanding and mitigating the findings that come from a NERC CIP audit
  • Having adequate resources to properly implement and support compliance
  • Establishing and documenting internal controls for future enforcement models
  • Transitioning to CIP Version 5