Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin’s utility accounting and finance training session

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Glacier Canyon Lodge
45 Hillman Road
Wisconsin Dells, Wis.
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Utility managers should understand the various financial aspects of their utility operations. Jodi Dobson, partner on Baker Tilly’s specialized energy and utilities team, will lead the “Utility Accounting and Finance” training session offered through the Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin (MEUW).

This one-day course, which is part of the MEUW Management Training Program, is designed to provide attendees with the fundamentals of public utility accounting, a clear understanding of utility business operations, how to review and ensure budgets, and knowledge of regulations.

Utility managers attending this MEUW course will learn about:

  • Reading financial statements
  • Developing and tracking your department budget
  • Proper invoice coding/inventory tracking affects the bottom line
  • Why decisions are made from a financial perspective
  • Responsibilities to ratepayers and community leaders
  • Internal control methods
  • Audits and regulatory reports (Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) uniform system of accounting)
  • Financial tools for assessing utility health
  • Electric and water rates (wholesale and retail)
  • PSCW regulations and other industry regulations
  • Understanding utility tariffs

Who should attend?

The Management Training Program provides education to create “home grown” management personnel and is designed for existing managers, mid-level managers and future management prospects. Participants may start at any point in the six-session (A-F) program. MEUW will recognize those who complete the program.

Meet the presenters:

Jodi Dobson, CPAPartner, Energy and Utilities