Effective value-based care transformation

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The final webinar in our value-based care readiness series focuses on acute and post-acute care providers and will discuss the following,

  • Understanding payer capabilities and ongoing transformational efforts
  • Requirements from a data, analytics, and reporting perspective
  • Quality indicators your organization should be watching
  • Understanding patient engagement and the role it plays in value-base care models

Meet the presenters

  • Michael J. Patti, Principal – Healthcare Consulting
  • Jon Buffa, Director – Healthcare Consulting
  • Rod Martin, Director – Healthcare Consulting

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To shift strategies toward value-based care requires careful research and planning, if properly executed, the long run advantages are: financial stability, positive relationships with physicians, advanced information systems, and (often) favorable affiliations with health plans. Before healthcare organizations can move to value-based payment and reduce costs, they must develop new organizational competencies and nurture cultural change from within.

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