AGA Greater Chicago Chapter’s Empowerment Conference

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Metcalfe Federal Building
EPA Conference Room, 12th Floor
77 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, Illinois
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Baker Tilly’s public sector consulting practice is proud to sponsor the keynote address for the AGA Greater Chicago Chapter’s Empowerment Conference.

This inaugural event brings together local government accounting professionals to discuss current practices, receive training on topics designed to build trust for a shared future and participate in networking opportunities.

For the keynote address, AGA Greater Chicago and Baker Tilly welcome Bob Whipple, an international speaker on the topics of trust and ethics and the CEO of Leadergrow. Known as “The Trust Ambassador,” Whipple will speak about building trust with transparency in the workplace at a time when employer methods for increasing competition and performance also reduce productivity.

Also during the Empowerment Conference, Kyle O’Rourke, secretary of the AGA of Greater Chicago and consulting manager with Baker Tilly’s public sector consulting practice, will also present a session on the hidden value in government assets. Learn about public, private, collective and common goods; work through case studies demonstrating government partnerships with the private sector to fulfill service provision obligations; and explore how governments analyze the costs and benefits of these solutions.